There are times when we can’t seem to get the designated outcome we want even though we have put in much effort. We can’t deny that besides hard work, we still need to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people to achieve the best outcome.  This is called the alignment of Heaven, Earth And Human factor. Sometimes we tried really hard, but the outcome is not as promising and sometimes with lesser effort, we can achieve something that is beyond our expectation. Have you experienced that before?

I attended a Latin dance competition with my daughter last month, after she took a 3 month break to work on herself. Needless to say, she was very nervous. The adjudicator’s expectation for this specific competition differed slightly from previous competitions she attended in the last 2 years.  Besides judging on technique and appearance, they were also looking for competitors who showcased their strength and energy during the dance. Her confidence shattered when she failed to enter into the finals for one of her events (which had never happened to her in the last 2 years), affecting her emotions greatly. She started to doubt herself. There are various lessons to learn from competing – whilst one may experience the joy of winning, it is also important to take time to learn to face and accept failures that comes one’s way. Although I could see the disappointment on my daughter’s face, I emphasised to her that failure is important – a lesson and an experience that makes one’s learning progress more impactful.

I plotted the Qi Men chart for the hour of her last event.  Though the result of the chart was not incredibly fantastic, neither did it offer a great amount of help, I used it as a chart of guidance. I told her to position herself at the South section of the dance floor, backing South to start her dance, where the Shang Men 伤门 is. Stems and deity (九天) are positive, with Tian Chong 天冲 star. She followed my advice, with doubts of course (she’s not a strong metaphysics follower).  With the coach’s guidance, she danced and showcased more energy and looked more lively on the dance floor, however, things took a turn for the worse: she fell. My heart sank. Luckily, wearing a smile on her face, she picked herself up and continued dancing.

She made it into final and won herself a Bronze medal for that event!

Undoubtedly, with adequate preparation, hard work, and the alignment of heaven, earth and human factor, you can actually make things happen!





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