Have you ever wonder  :

  • which industry to set for your career path?
  • What job role / function is best suited for you?
  • Which area to major in for universities?
  • What are the talent that you need to bring out from your children?
  • Are you suitable to start your own business or better working as a employee?

Bazi is not only used to tell your weaknesses  or what is set for your life from the minute you are born.  It is better  used to reveal a person’s character and strength on the other hand.  My master always said – it’s tough to fix one’s weakness but easier to focus on and maximize a person’s strength.  No one will have perfect bazi. The secret is how we can make the best out of the gift! Opportunities always reserved for the one who is well prepared and ready.  So get yourself ready, sharpen your skill according what your are gifted and wait for the opportunities to knock on your door.

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  • Relationship
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  • Current luck pillar

Please also specify / elaborate more on your special concern or pressing questing that you would like to know from your bazi.

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