I received a query from a lady, asking if her current relationship with the boyfriend will bear fruits as she is encountering some challenges at the moment.  The boyfriend has failed to pick up her call and reply her messages even after giving him a deadline to do so. She is concerned if the boyfriend still wants to continue with the relationship and should she try to save  it.  I plotted a Qi Men chart as requested to answer her questions.

The chart showed that both of them actually are planning to settle down to start a family. But the key focus point – the harmony deity – actually counters both of them. This simply means the relationship will not benefit them at all, and will only stress them out instead. The Impulse star also shows that both of them are very emotional when dealing with this relationship.  The relationship could have started due to impulsion, as they claim that they are no longer young and need to settle down to start a family.  The relationship palace also in “death and emptiness”, with the death door.  Needless to say, with all the bad elements  present , not a good sign indeed.

The lady  has to decide if she is comfortable to carry on with the stress and emotional set back that this relationship brings to her. Both are committed to start a family but somehow the relationship just never benefit them. May be this is what we call “right timing, wrong person”? Letting go is definitely painful but she really has to decide if she is willing to change herself to make it work.  Changing ourselves are definitely easier than changing another person, which will in fact cause more pain.

Moreover from the chart I can also see there is a “third party” in the picture.  True enough, she is actually missing her ex, which is partly the cause of the tension………



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