Dog has a powerful auspicious star in 2017 :

Sun 太陽

This is one of the great mentor stars to have. With this star’s appearance, one tends to be the central of attention where people will turn to you for help. Like the Sun, you are a warm / light giving planet, offering help to those whom need it. By becoming a nobleman to others, you will in return receive help from others in the future. This is the uniqueness of this mentor star- that one has to first provide help or solutions to others before one will have help rendered to him in the future.


Negative Stars :

Yin Shar 陰煞

By offering help to others, you may at the same time offend certain people that invite sabotage and backstab. For females, it’s more likely to be female back stabbing.  Whereas for gentlemen, beware of extra marital affairs that may attracts jealousy and turning hostile.

Bad Chi 晦氣

One will feel less energetic or have a lower stamina with this star’s appearance. As offering help to others can be draining and tiring, just do more exercise to keep up with the stamina and fight lethargy.

Sky Emptiness 天空

This negative star simply means big plans disappearing.  It’s quite disappointing to see those big plans not being put into action due to obstacles such as back stabbing or any other reasons.  To mitigate the effect, one has to break it down into small goals and plans and work step by step to achieve the big goal.

You may have a Dog zodiac in your chart if you are born in the year of Dog, month of Dog (Oct8 –Nov 6), or born between 7pm – 8.59 pm.


Despite having more negative stars than positive star, Dog can still make it a good year in 2017 if you ride on the good star by being a nobleman to others and be the central of attraction, you will get the help needed in return.




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