My learning path to Chinese Metaphysics

Hello there, I am Shirley Leong, residing in Malaysia.

I have been working as an accountant for the past 20 years in the Woodworking & Manufacturing industry, hence I am quite comfortable with numbers!
I happened to come across my first Sifu, Mdm Lillian Too’s astrology book 13 years ago which opened my door to learning Chinese astrology. I then took up Bazi and Feng Shui courses from her. My interest in Chinese Metaphysics continued to grow as I stumbled upon another Master, Dato Joey Yap’s books. I then joined a few of his classes in 2013. It is really been a huge blessing to learn from these 2 world renowned Masters, widening my knowledge in this field.

The ability to put my acquired knowledge into practice, doing readings and consultations really gives me a sense of achievement. The positive responses from clients is really a great motivation for me to further pursue this interest.

I created this website to share my passion and knowledge with my clients and fellow induviduals who also have an interest in metaphysics.