There are 10 Day Masters all together. Let’s start with Yang Wood, or Jia (甲) Wood.

A Jia Day Master person is generally strait forward, ambitious, accountable, determined, productive, altruistic and inquisitive. However, the negative attributes are that they are rigid, stubborn, tactless and conservative.

To achieve happiness & fulfillment, a Jia person needs to grow and progress –  they can’t be confined to a place or position for long periods of time.  The progress that they make may not be obvious and others may not see this happening in plain sight. They usually do their planning quietly and curious about new information coming along their way.

In order for a Jia person to lead effectively, they must be able to lead with conviction :  by good discipline and perseverance, and always setting a goal to achieve.  In terms of relationship, the key word is “stability”.  They are looking for those “thin streams flow forever”(细水长流)type of romance. They may not display much affection on the outside but this does not signify a sign of lack of love. Rather, they just don’t have the ability in expressing themselves.

In terms of wealth & career, Jia wood person needs diversification.  It can means being involved in chain outlets, franchise or investing into different sources of income.


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