Yang Fire day master person has one of the most generous and supportive type of characteristic amongst all day masters. They are the sun who generously radiates and emanates warmth to people, persistently, no matter what happens, just like how the sun will remain rising every day.


They are usually warm, friendly, passionate, compassionate, sincere and happy. They usually touche or influence someone’s life at some point in time. They are talented, confident and will not hesitate to utilise their talent in the service to others, where they will hope to get noticed and appreciated, due to a certain amount of ego and pride. However, they can be harsh at times – not thinking twice before making their thoughts and opinion known to others. A Bing Fire strength is highly affected by the hour pillar element. A person of Bing fire born in the day are more favourable than those born in the night as the Sun loses its power at night.

Their key nature is persistence – very routine oriented however, they’ll eventually become bored with their jobs.

While fire represents happiness, it also represents passion and emotion. Too much of fire present in the chart can also cause a person to have a hot-tempered, fiery character.

Famous Bing Fire Personalities :

  • Nelson Mandela
  • Steve Jobs
  • J.K. Rowling

To achieve happiness and fulfillment, Bing Fire people are intimate creatures that enjoys giving and receiving, crave love and affection, care, warmth and looks for emotional gratification. Picturised as the sun, their existence hardly catches people’s attention as people take them for granted – as the sun will still rise again after setting.

In order to fulfill career and personal achievement, they must be charismatic to be able to motivate, give hope and transform people’s life.

Relationship wise, a person of Bing Fire looks for a consistent relationship where persistency is the key.  Sometimes it is tough to break off a relationship with a person of Bing Fire as they will keep coming back to you.

To achieve wealth and better advancement, a person of Bing Fire should not give up easily – having to act like a Sun; needing to be optimistic.

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