Generally, a person who is born in the year of the Boar, or month of the Boar (Nov 7 – Dec 6), Day of the Boar or Hour of the Boar (9pm – 10.59pm) is encouraged to travel more in 2017 in order to do well, with great property luck and good mentors.


Boar has 3 main positive stars :

Sky  Horse 驿马

Sky Horse is a travelling star. Travelling overseas, getting overseas job offer, an overseas product launch, developing overseas market, working with overseas partners or even selling products online to target those overseas are all good moves in 2017, as this generates more wealth making opportunities. The more you travel, the more auspicious it will be, especially in 4th and 8th month.

Heavenly Yi 天乙贵人

This is an auspicious and authoritative mentor star to have. With this star’s appearance, it will bring more opportunities to meet with mentors, investment partners or even bring you the right talent.

Earth Relief 地解

This is a star that governs the change in property or places you are living in. It also means excellent property investment luck, a great year to move house or even renovate the existing house (just be watchful of those afflicted sector like Tai Sui or 5 yellow).


Negative Stars :

Great Sha 大煞

This signifies obstacles and challenges involved in the process of planning and executing something.


Solitary 孤辰

Feeling lonely and missing home whilst travelling.


Flying Chase 飞廉, Funeral Door 丧门

This signifies petty people, gossips, getting easily injured or a lost in direction. It also means weaker general health and feeling stressed.

Nevertheless, with the major positive stars, the Boar still can get over all these negative stars and achieve success if actions are taken according to the positive stars.




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