“Is he / she compatible for me?”

This is a commonly asked question. It’s true that we can see from 2 person’s Bazi chart if they are favouring each other in terms of social circle (year pillar), career (month pillar), personal relationship (day pillar) or aspiration / investment (hour pillar). But this does not guarantee that the 2 individuals will have no problem getting along with each other. This can be due to human factor – personal attitude and cultivation.

Before we start asking if the other person is compatible to us, why don’t we ask ourselves what we can do to benefit the other person? Before the someone can help us, we have to make sure they are doing well in order for them to benefit us. Hence, is it more important for us to ask ourselves if we are compatible in the first place?  A long lasting relationship needs to be mutually benefiting. It’s common that we usually point at other’s mistakes and shortfalls before we start questioning ourselves. We usually have a thousand and one excuses to defend ourselves and accuse that others are not compatible to us.   

Whenever this question arises, the solutions are simple and straightforward :

  1. Fix ourselves . Add value to ourselves so to benefit others,  to make sure we are compatible to others.
  2. Continue to look for another one that is more compatible to us.


“他旺我吗?”, “我们衬吗?”

从两人的八字的确是可以看到两人是否互旺或俗人所说的相冲。但是即使八字互旺也不代表可以一生以世,原因是在于个人的处事方式,想法和修养。一 段长久的 关系是应该互利的。在我们还没问是否对方旺我之前,是否应该先问我是否旺他呢?我们通常惯性的只会把矛头 指向别人,再为自己寻找借口找下台阶。

下次当以上的问题再浮现时,方案其实很简单 :







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