Someone enquired if they can recover their debt from a client that has started to default the first post dated cheque.

Day stem : wu

We can see from the SW sector, where the asker’s current situation is, a Delusion Door(杜门)which signifies blockage, being stuck, even with proper documentation done (天輔). To check if the client’s company  is doing well, we look for the life door (生门) which is at SE. We can see that the client’s company is in deep cash flow problem, indicated by  the stem and formation, due to poor management. In addition, it’s countering SW sector, which shows that it would  really be a challenge to collect the debt.

The next question is – “should we proceed with legal action?” We look for Fear door (驚门) which is at N sector. Yes, the asker has actually sent out the first letter of demand. But from the chart, it does not seems to work because it’s in Death and Emptiness (空亡)!

 My suggestion?  Get an arbitrator to aggressively negotiate with them while proceeding with legal proceeding.

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