This gentleman is a Ren (壬)Day master. 2016 is a Bing Shen (丙申)Year. Ren Water clashes with Bing Fire, which represents both the gentleman’s wealth element and his wife. By indication, this shows that there is conflict between the spouse. Looking at his 10 years luck pillar, it is also his Rob Wealth (癸酉) pillar. Rob wealth can mean losing wealth (破财), or losing his wife.

His wife requested a divorce lately, in fact the conflict had actually started a few years ago. Although it is rather common nowadays to see divorce cases, it is still a mental torture and hurting process to go through, especially with young children involved.  After few attempts to revive the marriage, it finally came to a stage where divorce was the only solution. Well, while marriage and family is a phase of life and does not represent everything, we have to learn to let go and move on with a brand new chapter.

Bazi can show us possible happenings in life but we can change the outcome with our own actions and decisions (human luck).  Everything happens for a reason.  After putting in effort to revive things and if unfortunately it does not turn out well, it’s time for us to let go- to learn a valuable lesson and move on. Time is the best remedy, and as long as we are determined enough, we can definitely overcome times of trouble and hardship. Life lessons are meant to make us stronger!!

Keep it up, gentleman!




2 thoughts on “Marriage Challenges

  1. Ren clashes wish bing? But my husband and i very lovely more than any couples

    1. Hi!, yes, Ren does clash with Bing but the clashes has different meaning to different individual, especially wealth element to a gentleman also means relationship star, whereas the relationship star to a lady is represented by influence star instead! I hope it helps clearing your doubts now.

      Anyway, clashes in day pillar simply means changes in relationship or family matters. Changes can be good or bad, depending on how an individual take it!


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