Rooster is one of the good zodiacs to have in 2017 as it has a few good stars:

Intelligence star 文昌星

This is a good star to have if you are planning to acquire new skills or pick up new knowledge. With this star’s presence, you will find it easier and more efficient to master a new skill.


Jade hall star 玉堂星,Gold Chest 金匱星

Gold Chest means a chest full of wealth hidden in your house! This is a good year to accumulate wealth, so save up to acquire assets or anything that will appreciate in value!

Jade Hall signifies propensity- increase in income through new skills acquired.  Make use of new knowledge / skills that you have picked up and convert it into expertise to increase wealth!


General star 将星, Duke’s arrival 岁驾

General star brings promotion, power, authority and recognition through important decision making. You may get opportunities to be asked to carry out important tasks and decision making. Duke’s Arrival brings recognition and attracts attention. Take the drive since performance and effort spent are easier to be seen this year.  It’s a great year to expand your social network and be more sociable.

Nevertheless, the Inauspicious star in 2017 is a triple punishment- causing emotional fluctuations, and certain decisions made that will be regretted.  Just make sure no impulsive or over aggressive decisions are made. As 2017 is also a Grand Duke Year, those who have a rooster at the Day pillar may appear to be more aggressive and temperamental. Hence, it will be a challenging year in terms of relationship.

Sword Edge Star 劍鋒

With this negative star, one tends to be argumentative, like to fight for rights and are more aggressive.  Just be more careful when handling machines and sharp objects to cut down potential injuries.

Overall it’s a great year for those who has a rooster in their bazi chart, either in the year pillar (associated with social circle and networking), month pillar, for those who born between 8sept – 7 oct (associated with career), day pillar (associated with self / spouse) or hour pillar, born between 5pm -6.59pm (associated with personal inspiration, children or investment).


Ride on the good stars and make 2017 a better year!!




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