Received a query the other day on Bazi – “will I be rich?”

Well, I think this is a very common question that most people will ask. But first of all, we need to clarify the definition of “rich”.  Will you consider a person to be rich based on his physical belongings, personal achievement or satisfaction? The focus point will most likely fall on physical belongings.

We can see the wealth indicator in a person’s Bazi chart, but it does not guarantee if a person will be rich, especially if the individual does not put in enough effort to make it happen. Often, those rich and successful do not get rich based on luck itself but their hard work instead. They usually work on their strengths and develop their passion, doing it repeatedly until they develop an expertise in it.

We can see from the person’s Bazi chart, their strength, favourable luck pillar as well as which industry to get are able to get more opportunities in. But the person may not necessary find it easy or comfortable working on his / her strength as they may have to leave their comfort zone in order to break through. One may not have discovered their passion yet, but they can always create one! Once you manage to find or build your passion, you will be self-motivated and spark up to reach your goal!

So to make it simple, we will not get rich by just looking at the Bazi chart for the wealth indicator. Even though the wealth indicator in the chart is not prominent, a person can still be successful by working harder (and smarter) than others. So, check it out from your Bazi chart, work on your strength and favourable industries, get yourself well prepared for the next opportunity coming your way!


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