Yi Wood individuals are beautiful flowers that bedeck our gardens, vary in nature and softer, more gentle as compared to Jia Wood. A Wood person generally emphasises their likeability level – how they are being appreciated and adored.


Yi Wood people are finer type of character – they tend to be more elegant and appreciative of beauty and pay more attention to their appearance. While flexibility is their strength, Yi Wood types tend to be sociable and adaptive to changing circumstances, have good PR skills, are extroverts, survivalists by nature and fickle or non-committal – like bamboo that bends with the wind – it does not break but instead, survives.

Due to the flexibility, Yi Wood person can be great dancers.

Famous Yi Wood Personalities :

         Oprah Winfrey

         Bill Clinton

         Ted  Turner

To achieve happiness and fulfillment, Yi Wood people need to go all the way out to socialize and interact with people.  They must have the opportunity to exchange ideas, a must-need for their existence to be appreciated.  In order to be a good leader, a Yi Wood person must be a flexible leader – they can adapt to different situations easily, and must appear charming and reflective. They must also must be a natural strategizer.

Relationship wise, Yi Wood people are looking for someone that is charming and likes to be adored. Yi Wood males are usually talented, while their female counterparts tend to be refined and charming.

To achieve wealth and a better career, a Yi Wood person must have the ability to network. With their flexible ability, good PR skills are their strength.

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